Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And up for the Seawolves, Drew Cason and Brett Frazer

Shawn Briscoe and Drew Cason.
Drew Cason - OK, the slug on this photo reads "Drew and Sean Conquer Turkey." That would be Drew on the right, and Assistant Seawolf Debate Coach Shawn Briscoe on the left. Those debaters, they get around, as in the world.

Anyway, Drew is a senior laboring on dual degrees in Philosophy (BA) and Environmental Policy (BS). He is currently conducting his own research in the Resilience and Adaptive Management (RAM) Lab focused on fine scale landscape values mapping. Drew grew up in Anchorage, and graduated from West High School. Drew has represented UAA at four World Universities Debating Championships, has achieved numerous speaker awards and proudly represented UAA in the semifinal round of the 2011 U.S. Universities Debating Championships.

Brett Frazer in Greenland.
Brett Frazer - Ah, don't be fooled by that photo -- it looks like Alaska (around Reed Lakes, maybe?) but really, it's Greenland. What were we saying about those traveling Seawolf Debaters?

Anyway, Brett is a senior majoring in Natural Science with a minor in Philosophy. He has debated for University of Alaska for three years. During that time he has distinguished himself by being recognized as the Rookie of the Year at his first U.S. National Debate Championships, having twice been ranked in the top 32 teams at the World Universities Debating Championships, and reaching the U.S. Universities Debating Championships semifinal round last year. Recently, Brett was awarded a Truman Scholarship, and this spring he will move to Washington, D.C., to participate in the Truman Summer Institute. Brett plans to further his education and argumentative skills by attending law school.

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