Thursday, March 29, 2012

Steve Johnson closes the debate; 'Division of the House' makes Stanford the winner

Loud applause, a standing ovation from the crowd.

Steve Johnson calls for a "Division of the House, explaining that traditionally in parliamentary proceedings, the members would vote for a measure by filing out a door marked "ay," or vote against it by filing out the door marked 'nay.' He didn't ask the audience to do that, but invited a vocal response to who was most impressed by either the UAA-Proposition side (no additional penalties for hate crimes) versus the Stanford-Opposition (add penalties for hate crimes).

So what were the sentiments of "the house?"

Steve: "If you side with proposition, say ay. With the opposition, say nay."

Crowd: 'AY'

Crowd: 'NAY'

Steve: "It sounds to me like  a win for Stanford!"

More applause.

Steve: 'Far more important than this debate, is continuing these discussions.Join us in the Fireside Cafe to congratulate all the debaters and to continue the discussion of what constitutes justice in our society."

And that, my friends, was that!

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