Thursday, March 29, 2012

Floor speeches by the public, 1 minute each, alternating sides

First volunteer against additional hate crime penalties: Thank you for letting me speak. One inconsistency in side supporting the laws. They say they are supporting fair treatment of people by abolishing reasons for attacking people. Many religious people are anti-gay. They have their views, can't change them. These laws are targeting these people.

Second volunteer, favoring penalties for hate crimes: Hate crime legislation in Alaska is essential. I am AK Native female. I know of specific instances of hateful targeted to AK Native people just because of who they are. Many in this group are vulnerable, some are hopeless, looked down.  Take a stand, shut it down.

Third volunteer, against penalties for hate crimes: I grew up in AK, they taught me we were all a part of the human race. What make us unique is what we think. I don't see what separates the harshness of a crime -- if you kill someone, why is that any worse because that person was a minority. Fact you killed them is bad enough. We are all part of the human race.

Fourth volunteer for opposition: I hae not heard the argument from opposition. Frequency of crimes in minority classes are much higher than those in the majority classes. Often less likely to be prosecuted.
A Native woman being raped in the street. I stopped the incident by calling the police and standing in the street with the phone. Why did the police treat her like a criminal?

Fifth volunteer : We can all agree hate crimes are bad; we have to look at punishment. We think punishment can deter crime.  Will additional penalties for hate crimes stop the crime?

Sixth volunteer: I want to respond to young man who said we are all part of human race. Me too, but Ihave been treated differently because society prefers my race. I was not pulled over at age 13 and told to be careful about what neighborhoods I walk in because it may be dangerous due to the color of my skin. Some crimes are allowed to happen. We need to correct that.

Seventh volunteer: We already know we should nto do these things. Making them hate crimes does not make them more horrible. Do not punish people for their thought.

Eight volunteer: One point the proposition makes is that hate crime controls thoughts. You can think whatever you want. The Baptist church that expressed their anti gay thoughts in a legal way. Someone can hate homosexuals, black people or asian people, as long as they do no harm, they can think what they wish.

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